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We all know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) deals with many aspects of a site but while optimizing a site people generally tend to make mistake selecting the right keyword for the site they are trying to optimize.The first basic step in optimizing a site starts with proper selection of keyword. If this goes well then you know that 50 percent of your work is done. I am saying so because even if you rank in the top ten for your targeted keyword in Google it will not help you gain traffic to your site as chosen keyword is an improper selection. So, your first criteria is to choose the best possible keyword that have an comfortable level of competition and would also fetch good visitors to your site.

Now, the question arises how you would actually choose the right keyword for your site. Well, like other people around I will not beat around the bush and directly come to the point. On the first instance I would suggest you to go through your site and understand the theme of it. Analyze what a normal visitor would type in to find similar sites. List down on the number of keywords that you could possibly find out. Check out with your friends and colleagues to give you suggestions. Once you have a list of keywords try to narrow down on the list by eliminating improper and irrelevant keywords.Once this is over, now try to figure out from the keyword list how many times each keyword is being searched worldwide per month. Once you are convinced about the search rate list down the top 10 keyword as per the search rate. Do not try to optimize your pages for keywords that have high search rate because it will apparently have high competition. Try to figure out some keywords that will give you fair enough visitors but will have less competition.Now, when you have selected three to five keywords try to optimize your page keeping in mind that it’s better to optimize a page with twp key phrases.

Start your optimizing work with proper analysis of keyword through some of the major tools. These tools will help you in searching for the search rate for your keywords. Well, I try a combination of tools. I believe none of the tools available provide accurate data but definitely they will help you to approximately guess on the search rate.The tools I would recommend are:1. Good Keywords2. Overture3. Wordtracker4. Google AdWordToolSo, head start with your optimizing work and bring success to your business.

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Much like having a fancy front window, your website is your store front, and a virtual representation of your company. In order to get traffic, your website code must be optimized specifically for your business niche. Making sure your website code is properly optimized is crucial to maintaining your web presence.A “good” site doesn’t necessarily mean a site that’s loaded to the brim with bright flash and other animations. While they are certainly visually important; no one will see them if they cant find your website. A properly optimized page will help ensure customers find you when they begin their search for your product. Eighty percent of all online transactions start with a search- Google alone processes 200 MILLION searches per day. Of all those people, 75% never scroll past the first page of results. These are some pretty impressive numbers. As you can see, its imperative that your business have a top ten placement within major search engines.

As you may be aware, basic search engine results are classified as “organic.” These are the result of “bots” that constantly crawl and monitor websites, looking for the most relevant information supplied for specific keywords. These bots take into account the text on your webpage, how often your keywords appear in the text, as well as how many sites are linking back to yours as a source of quality information. Text equals more information, and a well informed customer is a customer that makes a purchase.Optimizing your page to include the best keywords for your business should be taken into consideration during the conception and design of your companies website. Your domain name should even contain keywords, where appropriate.SEO Specialty companies provide your website with their search engine expertise and implement the proper techniques that will improve your organic ranking. Often “web design” companies do just that – design. Your best bet is to pick a SEO company that provides service after you pay them; someone that will work with you to continually make sure your site is optimized for better performance and do whats best for YOUR business – not just theirs.

You may hear of “secrets” your web designer doesn’t want you to know – we don’t believe in keeping secrets from our customers. We believe in educating and providing service, which we believe is why youre looking for an SEO expert.